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Welcome to Liberty Jump Team.

Liberty Jump Team (LJT) focus on perpetuating and preserving the memory of our US Military Veterans and remembering the sacrifice of those who never returned. Many of our members are, themselves, veterans or on active military duty. LJT Veterans Affairs Program (VAP) escorts the heroes of World War II back to the battlefields of Europe at no cost to the veteran. To help perpetuate the history of the US Military we also participate in static display presentations at schools, museums, airshows and other locations around the United States and in France. Since most of our members are former military parachutists, Liberty Jump Team is known around the world by performing military style static-line parachute jumps at different public events in the United States, Canada, Belgium and in France from World War II C-47 aircraft. Liberty Jump Team is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation recognized by the IRS as an educational and research entity. Our executive Board of Directors are looking to team up with like-minded people, businesses and organizations that support the US Military and its veterans.




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